Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Sooooo, podcasts...
Has great potential for the classroom. Students can create conversations, share information and tips, follow directions, develop activities all on line, in and outside the classroom. As usual, the key is where to start and what will be a good first activity that will be simple enough to create while still being engaging and of value to the student. So, more research is required followed by some practice. Andee, what are you thinking about? Let me know...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Follow up on Wikis

So, after talking with Deb and Connie (gracias) I'm looking to set up a wiki for my level 4 short story "La Cruz del Diablo". I'm thinking about all the papers I hand out and have students work on. There's a vocab sheet, a character sheet, a places sheet, chapter summaries and gists, and a classroom generated graphic organizer. So rather than having all this in seperate sheets why not post it to a wiki where everyone can contribute, update, and have access to the information. I can assign a chapter to each group to summarize and comment on. Students can post vocab descriptions and character resumees for other to see and use, and it's all right there for me to monitor. Depending on graphic capabilities, we can even do the final project on line!!
I need to set up a "pilot program"...
Ok, Wikis!
A collaborative website for the classroom. What is the content and how do you monitor it?! It could be very useful for group projects especially for students who can't get together outside of the school day. They can post and edit work from home. The teacher's job can be that of coordinator / facilitator and overseer. So what exactly does one get started? Something small and useful. What are the graphic capabilities? Is it more like a Word document of a Publisher doc?
Andee, what are your thoughts?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Web Site

Sooooo, is a web site the way to go. I like the concept of one-stop shopping for my students and one-stop editing/creating for me. So if I have a web site where I post homework do I still need to post on Homework Now?
If I think of a web page as an interactive bulletin board then what goes on it? I can post class info, contact info, pictures, calender, homework, links... then what?
I need to do more research, see what other are doing and how can I adapt it to my needs?

Shared attention

Ok, so for those of you not up on world futbol events, the Champions League kicks of today and my team, Atletico Madrid is currently playing. So if you hear me hell GOALLLLL!!! any time within the next two hours just ignore me...
Steve and Connie, I promise that I will be diligent and attentive to my tech duties today... Welcome to the world of multi tasking!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cool stuff

Ok, so as usual there are a ton of things that I can imagine doing with voicethread in Spanish. From sixth grade basics to level 4 analysis and commentary. The ability to have students practice speech outside of class is invaluable. There are so many options that it is simply overwhelming! The only obstacle is getting started; making sure that all students have an account; deciding what my goal will be and deciding on an image; implementing and then wraping it all up?
Yet, this has soooo much potential to be a class pleaser!


So, the bell goes at 2:15 and the kids take their time leaving the classroom (can you believe it!!!). Finally the last kid without a life leaves and I grab my stuff (all of it I hope) for tomorrow and run out the door. Students, backpacks, detritus, and other teachers block my way. Avoid eye contact! Keep moving! I made it to the stair case and there it happens... "Sr Coll I need to talk with you about Maria..."
So I make it out of the building at 2:30 and fight traffic across town. Stuck behind, of all things, a school bus!!! So, I made it before 3:00...
Do I remember anything? Well I'm happy I remembered I had class!!
So, we ready for this? I am, bring it on!!