Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dia tres

OK, so my head is full of this tech stuff. I'm to the point that as something comes in something else gets pushed out. And we have two more days to go!
I really hope to get a chance to work on an igoogle page. It seems to me that the more stuff I can have in one place the better. Kinda like one stop shopping!


  1. I know that feeling of too much stuff, but I think all the practice is making it manageable. I made an igoogle page last week and it has been great. This is kind of fun stuff. I can see how the kids get hooked.

  2. I'm glad to hear that somebody else feels like something new goes in and something goes out. All of this seems so easy for my own kids and some of my students though.

  3. Henry, I am hoping that the tech stuff that is useful to you will stick in your mind and push out some useless stuff that you don't need. Think of this as house cleaning then redecorating your brain:-)