Thursday, August 20, 2009

I wonder...

This thought started as my response to Steve and Connie's post. I thought I would share it with everyone. With all these different tools in different places should I just have a website? Sr Coll's site? I could have a main page with general info and sub pages for each class where activities, homework, and links can be posted. Sound like a lot of work to build and then maintain. I have all it takes just to update homeworknow. But in an effort to centralize and standardize information, a website might be the way to go - or at least something to grow into...
OK, on a side bar... we have this debate on the spelling of standardize or standardise. What do y'all think? Let me know and I'll pass on the results to Deb and Lynne.


  1. Standardize . . .looks right to me :)

    As far as the website piece, it's something I have thought about a lot, and have seen it used effectively. It would also give parents an easy one stop shopping, with links to homework now, google docs, or other applications that are being used in the classroom . . . You could probably incorporate a blog as well.

    When I have seen websites used, I have seen them used in connection with Smart Boards, and lessons taught in class were placed online for students as a refresher, or for students who may have missed a class . . . imagine posting a stream to direct instruction that you did for a lesson in class . . . and sharing it on the website, rather than teaching and reteaching several times?

    Just some thoughts . .. but the more I think, the bigger my imagination gets . . . I need to remember, start small :)

  2. Holly said it perfectly once again, so I'll just add my two cents..."standardize" looks correct to me, too!

  3. Getting your site up and running will take a bit of time, Henry, but keeping it up wont' be so tough. And yes, it may well take the place of HWNow. When we do Google Sites in a couple weeks you'll get a good look at that. You can look ahead if you want.

    According to my good friend Merriam (Webster that is) standardise if the British variant of standardize. So it depends on whether you're writing with an accent...:)


  4. Henry, we were right? You can spell standardize both ways!

    In response to Holly's comment; too bad we all didn't have smart boards. One of the most effective team meetings I had was with Julie Pitt and Mike Nee going over NWEA scores using the smart board.