Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So, the bell goes at 2:15 and the kids take their time leaving the classroom (can you believe it!!!). Finally the last kid without a life leaves and I grab my stuff (all of it I hope) for tomorrow and run out the door. Students, backpacks, detritus, and other teachers block my way. Avoid eye contact! Keep moving! I made it to the stair case and there it happens... "Sr Coll I need to talk with you about Maria..."
So I make it out of the building at 2:30 and fight traffic across town. Stuck behind, of all things, a school bus!!! So, I made it before 3:00...
Do I remember anything? Well I'm happy I remembered I had class!!
So, we ready for this? I am, bring it on!!

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  1. Ha, Ha, Henry. This is so true! I love your comment about the the last kid to leave (the kid without a life!). You made it here, though!