Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Follow up on Wikis

So, after talking with Deb and Connie (gracias) I'm looking to set up a wiki for my level 4 short story "La Cruz del Diablo". I'm thinking about all the papers I hand out and have students work on. There's a vocab sheet, a character sheet, a places sheet, chapter summaries and gists, and a classroom generated graphic organizer. So rather than having all this in seperate sheets why not post it to a wiki where everyone can contribute, update, and have access to the information. I can assign a chapter to each group to summarize and comment on. Students can post vocab descriptions and character resumees for other to see and use, and it's all right there for me to monitor. Depending on graphic capabilities, we can even do the final project on line!!
I need to set up a "pilot program"...


  1. Henry, I love this idea. I bet your students will love it too. I am going to give my wiki space a try with my 6th graders. I will have to keep it simple as my students are in a reading intervention program and they are still just adjusting to middle school. If you decide to give your wiki idea a try, let me know. I will be interested to see how others use this tool.

  2. Your idea is great, Henry. A wiki sounds like a good tool for you with this project. It will be a great integration of technology.

    I am thinking of you...and of your dad and mom. Hang in there.