Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cool stuff

Ok, so as usual there are a ton of things that I can imagine doing with voicethread in Spanish. From sixth grade basics to level 4 analysis and commentary. The ability to have students practice speech outside of class is invaluable. There are so many options that it is simply overwhelming! The only obstacle is getting started; making sure that all students have an account; deciding what my goal will be and deciding on an image; implementing and then wraping it all up?
Yet, this has soooo much potential to be a class pleaser!


  1. They could even critique each other after watching each other!

  2. Yes, there is a ton of potential for foreign language study with VT, for sure. It sounds like you did some good thinking, Henry....even after your crazy, mad dash across the city to Mahoney! Don't stress getting to class. The class is designed to be pretty independently accessed.

  3. VT might be the one thing to focus on, Henry.