Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Que lio!!

OK, so I'm liking this idea of a Reader. The big issue will be filtering through all the stuff that's coming in. I need to be more selective about what I subscribe to in the future. Once again, we are trying to figure out what is relevant and useful and what is not all without spending the whole day on it. Not easy but it's a start...
How about the IGoogle thing? Or is it MyGoogle?
Quien sabe!


  1. Might be difficult to sort through all that info on the beach. I think the sand ruins the computers...:)
    So much more to learn and yet so much more I want to do with what we've done so far. Trying to figure out how it all will fit in.

  2. I like how positive you are in class, despite wanting to be elsewhere!

  3. It's iGoogle :) It's almost as addictive as the subscriptions on the Reader. When on iGoogle, it is also a matter of sifting through what is relevant to you, and what works for you.

  4. I think it might be too hot on the beach today!! Knowing how to use the reader will be great and it probably won't take that long to get a good base of stuff in there that can be checked as time permits. I think the keys are not having too much and keeping it organized. (These tend to be my two struggles in daily life, too). I think the applications of this tool for the kids are tremendous, but again with a balance. It would be so easy for all of us to be spending 90% of our day in front of computer screen and think of the negative implications for that!!!! Everything in moderation. This could get addicting, though.

  5. I am not so sure that enthusiastic, passionate teachers (like you guys) are very good at moderation:-)

    Feeling some empathy for our students as they begin a new school year of learning and similarly feel overwhelmed and not quite sure how to organize what is most important??